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Electric chimney Repair & Cleaning Services in Gurgaon

electric chimneys have become a very important part of our lives. You have spend a big amount of time in your kitchen. Even a small snag with your chimney or hob can cause a disruption in your daily routine. We help to kitechen chimney Installation and setup in Gurgaon, Chimney repair, Chimney Cleaning, Electric chimney deep cleaning in Gurgaon, Chimney chemical cleaning in Gurgaon, Preventive Maintenance Protection of your leading brand Chimney and hob. Check our Guragaon & Gurgaon Harayana service area.

Same day electric chimney repair in Gurgaon

My electric chimney does not seem to be cooking foods?

Our technicians will come to your home, correctly diagnose the problem, and provide you with the best service out there in the industry. All of our technicians are trained and highly qualified to repair all leading brand electric chimney & hob, electric chimney Cleaning of all models like Glen chimney cleaning, Kaff chimney deep cleaning, Cata chimney service, Ceasa chimney, IFB chimney, Kutchina chimney repair & servicing in gurgaon and other brands servicing without hassle, while we repair and clean your electric chimney.
We provide repair and cleaning service of electric chimney in Gurgaon, DLF-III, Sushant Lok Phase 3, DLF-I, DLF-V, Dwarka Expressway, Civil Lines, Sushant Lok Phase 2, Golf Course Extn, MG Road, area..


Electric Chimney Maintenance

  1. When performing maintenance operations, disconnect the plug from the socket.
  2. The efficiency of the chimney depends on the condition of the filters.
  3. The filters should be washed as often as possible but at least once in 10 to 15 days in normal operating conditions.
  4. The baffle & aluminium filters can be removed easily by unlocking. To remove the aluminium layer filter unlock and drop down the hood bottom cover, remove the wire supports carefully and take out the filter.
  5. Dip the filter for 10-15 minutes into a boiling hot soap solution and then wash in running water. Dry and reinstall the filter.
  6. The chimney surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth. No abrasive chemicals should be used.


  1. No flame based cooking should be done below the chimney
  2. While frying do not leave the cooking oil unattended as it may flare up and cause fire.
  3. Clean all the oily residues on surface frequently to avoid fire.
  4. The minimum distance between the cooktop and the bottom of the chimney must be 750 mm
  5. Make sure that the supply voltage ratings correspond with the specifications provided in the User’s Guide
  6. Before using the chimney for the first time please ensure that all plastic films on baffle filter and stainless body are removed.
  7. Wash the filters as often as possible at least once in 10-15 days in normal operating conditions.
  8. When performing maintenance operations, disconnect the plug from the socket.
  9. No repair work should be carried out by any unauthorised person.
  10. Chimney should be used as per the directions given in the User’s Guide.
  11. Do not allow children to operate the chimney.

Electric chimney Oven Brand we Repair in Gurgaon

  • CAPS electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Cata electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Ceasa electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Clix electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Deesha Elica electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Elba electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Faber electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Fabiano electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Gilma electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Glen electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Hindware electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • IFB electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Inalsa electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Kaff electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Kutchina electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Padmini electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Peacock electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Planet electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Prestige electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Pyramis electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Siemens electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Sleek electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Sunflame electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Usha electric chimney repair gurgaon
  • Whirlpool electric chimney repair gurgaon

We Repair & Cleaning all brand of electric chimney

Chimney professional can check your chimney and may recommend the use of a chemical chimney cleaning product,
if needed to facilitate future cleaning. If so, ask him or her about operating procedures that will help you.
Doorstep repairs provide electric chimney cleaning service in Gurgaon, MG Road, DLF City, DLF Phase 1, 2, 3,4, Dwarka express way & Delhi NCR.

Electric chimney installation in Gurgaon

Electric chimney Installation

Doorstep Repairs can be installed in two ways, Ducting Mode & Recirculation mode - We Install all leading brands of electric chimney like caps electric chimney, cata electric chimney, ceasa electric chimney, elica electric chimney, elba electric chimney installation, faber electric chimney installation, fabiano electric chimney, gilma electric chimney, glen electric chimney, hafele electric chimney, hindware electric chimney. ifb electric chimney, inalsa electric chimney, kaff electric chimney installation, kutchina electric chimney installation, oxyclean electric chimney, peacock electric chimney, prestige electric chimney, siemens electric chimney, sleek electric chimney, electric chimney installation. There is no option provided to do the baking and roasting functions.

Electric chimney cleaning service in Gurgaon

Exterior Hood Clean-up

A soft cloth wipe with a dish-wash liquid is enough to prevent a dust coat from gathering on the hood and settling inside the chimney inlet. Acids, abrasives or chemical solvents should be strictly avoided. our expert technicians clean chimney hood of all brand electric chimney like cata electric chimney hood, ceasa chimney hood, elica chimney hood, elba chimney hood, sunflame chimney hood, surya electric chimney hood, usha electric chimney hood, ventair electric chimney hood, whirlpool electric chimney hood, glen electric chimney hood, kutchina electric chimney hood, kaff electric chimney hood, gilma electric chimney hood, ifb electric chimney hood, hindware electric chimney hood installation and cleaning service.

Electric chimney repair in Gurgaon

Cleaning Electric Chimney

Electric chimneys have made our kitchen look a lot better. You can clearly observe the difference between the before and after using the electric chimney. doorstep repairs clean Grease mesh filter, Baffle filters, Charcoal filters of all leading electric chimney brand electric chimney hob cleaner, kaff electric chimney repair, kaff electric chimney cleaning, glen electric chimney cleaning, kutchina electric chimney cleaning, elba electric chimney cleaning, auto cleaning electric chimney, sunflame electric chimney cleaning, cata electric chimney cleaning, kitchen chimney cleaning in Gurgaon

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